Friday, 29 April 2011

Wizard of Oz Comes to Fonthill!

Today there was a big storm here in Niagara. At the house where we’re staying, the fence has blown down, along with the pool cover, the solar panels on the roof that heats the pool, and the bin with the pool toys went over to the neighbours! We didn’t know Glenn had so many toys! At the house across the street, there is a tall blue spruce tree that got blown down and landed flat on the lawn. On Highway 20 in town, on the side of the road was a camper where a tree had landed right on it and broke it open. Most of St. Catharines and Fonthill had lost their power for most of the day so far. Luckily, our house still had power. The traffic was slow everywhere because all of the stoplights were out. Our house on Milburn is still OK luckily, but the phone there is out. The wind has blown down a lot of trees and branches, some landing right across the roads. The internet was down at Glenn's house, so Daddy was worried he wouldn't get to watch the Canucks tonight in the playoffs.

This picture on the right is the Comfort Maple, located in North Pelham. It is thought to be the oldest sugar maple (Acer saccharum) in Canada. It has been protected on a plot of land donated by the Comfort family since 1961. We had to drive by after the wind storm to check if it was damaged and as you can see it hasn't lost any branches.
"Oh Lord, how glorious are your works"


  1. Good thing your Milburn house is still standing!

  2. Actually he wouldn't admit it. It's not the Canucks game he was worried about missing. It was actually the Royal Wedding he was worried about missing! ;-)