Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Weather Forecasts on My Phone

The TV profile with CHCH in Hamilton

Yes it's Canada and yes it's January, but darned if it hasn't been a cold winter so far. And my cell phone seems to have a bug in it. Namely, whenever the temperature here in southern Ontario drops below -15oC or so, my phone rings like crazy with media requests! Even over the weekend, during our Syracuse road trip for the boys' gymnastics tournament, I ended up doing a phone interview at the hotel with a Northwestern University journalism student in Illinois about the effects of alcohol on cold tolerance. Apparently, if you google "faculty expert cold and alcohol" there I am!

They're all pretty fun to do, and the most recent one has been with CHCH TV in Hamilton, with my talking to their health reporter Maria Hayes about wind chill and manual function in the cold. We end up with my grad student Phil Wallace doing some snow angels.

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