Saturday, 1 March 2014

Brock Research Celebration

This past Tuesday (Feb 25), Brock had its annual Research Celebration event. There were research posters from about 80 faculty and students, and also a ceremony honouring recent award winners. It took 18 months or more after the fact, but I got the official recognition of the renewal of my Canada Research Chair position. Of course, I'm already busy plotting what comes when this magic carpet rides ends in fall 2017.

As a bit of a lark, I decided to dress up for the event, breaking out the full Pablo Nero Omega Pharma - QuickStep fancy tie, hankie, and even cuff links. It was good camouflage, as nobody really recognized me. Or at least until I blew my cover by hanging around the food table too much!

As you see above, the scary thing is seeing my Both Sides face much larger than real life at the event. Couldn't resist taking a gag picture with myself.

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