Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Month in Slovenia!

OK, 2.5 years off the blog but back at last with new adventures. Dec 1 I flew out to my favourite European country of Slovenia for the PPTR (Physiology & Pharmacology of Temperature Regulation) conference that Igor Mekjavić is organizing in Ljubljana. Never ever miss a chance to visit Slovenia!

The first weekend, I travelled down to Koper on the coast to visit my former student Shawnda Morrison, Aljosa and their brand new baby girl Dana. Was great to connect with Shawnda again, celebrating with some mulled wine in the town square and otherwise enjoying a terrific weekend.

Mulled wine with Shawnda Morrison because it's Christmas Month!

The whole December is celebrated with Christmas and year-end festivities. Took this picture below with my tripod at night in Koper by the cathedral. Can't wait to see Ljubljana all lit up, as it's supposed to be fantastic.

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