Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ljubljana by Night

Here are a selection of some night time pictures I've liked from walking around the old city in Ljubljana. I deliberately packed my tripod for this trip so that I could make good use of it for night shots, especially with all the Christmas lights.

Lots of boat tours along the river. This one taken from the Three Bridges next to Prešeren Square. The building on the right has lots of open-air shops for both souvenirs and also produce, and the Dragon Bridge is in the distance. I like the blue tinge to the lights spilling onto the water, along with all the archways on the building.

Handheld shot taken at 2500 ISO or higher to enable steady shooting. Couldn't risk coming back later with the tripod. Seems the Germans have taken over the Grad.

Other members of the café party band from the last post. Hard to get a decent shot between the handheld shot at night along with the drunken patron continuously dancing and inciting the crowd in the midst of the group and constantly getting in my way. Only possibility is patience in such situations, which also gained me the accordion shot from the last post.

Sure it's -5°C or so, but that's where warm clothes and the radiant heaters come in handy. The red glow is an added bonus. Taken from one of the many bridges in the old city. This particularly one is modern and completely out of place, but it is located at the perfect geographical spot for shooting Prešeren Square if I look the other way.
So this is what happens if I turn around! Took this shot many, many ways and I think I like this one the best. Other shots were taken landscape and cut off the full glow of the lights on the river.

Tripod shot of the Grad. The café on the centre-left was where Gary and I anchored ourselves for cappuccino each afternoon.

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