Monday, 5 December 2016

Faces of Koper

I really need to get more confident with street photography and taking photos of people in their natural living. That's a new photography challenge for me, especially important here in Slovenia because the people have such fascinating character in their faces! Some of my attempts so far in Koper:
An old produce seller at the fruit market on Saturday. The years she's lived and the things she must've seen in her life.

I was drawn to this cheese vendor's wild hat, and I was lucky enough to catch this wonderful smile he gave to a customer.

A new young family walking down a quiet street. I was drawn to their holding hands and the fact that they were doing so with the stroller to one side. To me it's a beautiful demonstration that they're still a loving couple despite the joys and stress of a new addition.

Three ladies waiting for a bus by the old city walls. I crouched down a bit far away and pretended to take pictures of the walls, all the while practicing and perfecting exposure and focus. Then I switched and quickly took this shot. This ended up being nearly with the 105 focal length limit to my lens.

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