Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Talking for Food

Jet lag really is a wonderful tool for increasing productivity. What with tossing and turning at 0200h and finally giving up and getting up at 0300h, I put in a full day of productive work before breakfast! Indeed, yesterday morning I peer-reviewed a paper from start to finish, prepared my symposium talk, reviewed Geoff's ethics, read a chapter of "Citizen Soldiers," and went for a run before I even got to breakfast at 0800h!
Nari and I have been making a tag-team in my talks so far, as he's been roped into being my translator for talks and slides he hasn't seen at all before. It's tricky enough sticking to a time limit when you're speaking by yourself, it's exponentially harder doing so not knowing how long the translation might take! We've done a grand job altogether, although hopefully the talks are understandable and assuming Nari's got my main messages across!Well, thanks to Omega-Pharma Quick-Step cycling team and its fashion-house sponsor Pablo Nero, at the very least I'm looking very fine in the process with their swanky team tie! 
Needless to say, I've been gorging on as much Japanese food as I can possibly get my hands on. Ramen and udon noodles, sushi, even fine Kobe sake! Nari took me to a sushi bar in downtown Kobe the other night, where they make it to order right in front of you.

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