Sunday, 9 December 2012

Henry V-Stratford

On Thursday we went to Stratford, to see the Shakespeare play Henry V. before the play we also had a tour of the props warehouse, where they had all of the costumes, and the props they use in the plays stored. There were many different types of props including Food, Chairs/couches, and daily household items.
Also there were medieval props as well, we didn't get to see the weapons, but we did see some armor, and a fake horse with armor.

It was a good play, it is about an English king named Henry V, he invaded France with his small army and subdued it. The play had the whole plot, starting from back in England where Henry makes up his mind to go to France, Then he goes to France, and fights many battles, (The only 2 in the play are The battles of Harfleur, and Agincort,) in the play they simplified the battle of Harfleur so there was no fighting. But for Agincort They made a full scale battle, with both armies rushing across the stage, and afterwards with all of the wounded going across the battle field. in the play they have many French and English flags, but at the end, after everyone bowed the put up a Canada flag.

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