Thursday, 26 June 2014

Van Moof Bikes

City bikes are everywhere in the Netherlands, and the vast majority are heavy big commuter bikes. While in Amsterdam, I visited Van Moof Bikes, which makes functional but highly fashionable and cool designed city bikes. I've got to say I'm super-impressed!

The design is very urban chic and highly functional and well thought-out. You can get all the typical commuter accessories, such as different types of front baskets and rear racks. The built in big chain lock is also a great idea. It's stored IN the frame, so you just pull it out whenever needed.

They started just about 5 years back and have just come out with their first e-bike model. OK, to a dedicated cyclist that's the epitome of uncool, but sometimes it's hip to be square so I took it out for a spin around the nearby park. It's graded electric so that you get more power the harder you pedal. A bit disconcerting at first because it feels like you're getting pushed faster than you think you're going. Also comes with a "find your bike" app in case it's stolen! The bike on the right is especially designed for those with limited space for storage. Most models have disc brakes too.