Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Downfall of Napoleon

Trafalgar square is dedicated to Admiral Horatio Nelson and The battle of Trafalgar which was on October 21, 1805, where Horatio Nelson and the very powerful British fleet destroyed Napoleon's fleet. This wasn't the first time Nelson destroyed Napoleon's fleet though. The first time was with the battle of the Nile, where after destroying the French fleet Napoleon's army was stranded in Egypt. But later Napoleon jumped on a ship and went back to France without his army. The battle of Trafalgar was right when Napoleon was starting to lose power, this the Russian campaign and his campaign in the Iberian peninsula were the main causes of his downfall. In the battle of Trafalgar, the only good thing for Napoleon was that near the end of the battle Nelson was hit by a cannon ball and died. So after The battle of Trafalgar the British navy was unarguably the strongest in the world.

I got information about all this from Khan academy.

This is a chart about Napoleon's campaign through Russia it is arguably the best chart in the world.
it has the amount of troops Napoleon had throughout the campaign, it also shows his route and I think also the temperature. Napoleon started the campaign in 1812 with approximately 450,000 troops and ended with approximately 10,000 troops but some people say more and some people say less.

1808 The peninsular campaign started, (the Iberian peninsula) it was mainly fought with guerilla warfare all over spain. But later in the campaign a British general named Arthur Wellesley came, defeated Napoleon, and went part way into France. The peninsular campaign started because  Napoleon allied himself with Spain to attack Portugal because he wanted Portugal to join his "continental system" to pretty much blockade Great Britain. Then Napoleon got greedy and sent 100,000 troops to Madrid and dethroned Charles the II. So that's what started that campaign.


  1. Trafalgar Square just isn't the same without all the pigeons:-) So what makes the chart in your post "arguably the best chart in the world?" I ask because I'm a bit of a Steve Jobsophile when it comes to charts and power point presentations. I do not, however, shun the white board as much as he did. Probably because a white surface and multiple colored markers is like cat nip to me:-)

  2. Just because it is classified as one of the best in the world.