Friday, 6 January 2012

Great Snakes! Herge Museum

Today we  went to visit the Herge museum, which was very well planed out. but you might say to yourself "what is there to learn about Tintin?." That is what I am here to tell you about.

We came at the right time because there was a special exhibition all on "the broken ear."

Musee Herge Website

In the main exhibition, the audio guides worked pretty well and were fun because they even tested your knowledge, on different Tintin subjects and the last one was all about Herge and a few of the books. And we all were calcified as Tintinologists.
here is a Tintin outside the museum.
There are many different ways Herge writes his name
but this is probobly my favorite.
this is a drawing of Captain Haddock I did when I got Home.

Other interesting facts (by Daddy):
  • Herge's real name was George Remi. If you take his initials backwards, you get "RG." Say that en francais and you get Herge!
  • The Musee Herge is located at "26 Rue Labrador," which is where Tintin's apartment is located. The "Broken Ear" display also had a model of how Tintin's apartment might have looked based on drawings from that album.
  • Much of Herge's research on South American culture was based on the books and exhibitions of the Belgian explorer Marquis Robert de Wavrin. There was even a real shrunken head at the exhibit!
  • It was during WW2 that Herge's publishers finally convinced him to do Tintin in colour and also to have "set" albums of 62 pages, partly to conserve paper with the German occupation. Herge didn't want colour and didn't want to be constricted in page length. He had to go back and edit (some were >100 pages!) and recolour all his previous books, often doing brand new covers.
  • In English we know Thompson and Thomson. In the original French, they're "Dupond and Dupont." Other names are "Janssen and Jansen" (Dutch), "Schultze and Schulze" (German), and "Tkladec and Kladec" (Czech).
  • Thompson and Thomson were inspired by Herge's father and uncle, twins who often liked to dress alike.
  • Captain Haddock first appeared in "Crab with the Golden Claw."
  • The museum had the original model of the famous red rocket that Herge's team built as they drew "Destination Moon."
  • There was also the submarine from Red Rackham's Treasure.
  • There was also a photo of the Dalai Lama reading "Tintin in Tibet."
  • Herge's studio is on Louislaan in Brussels, right close to our apartment.
  • There are over 200 named characters in Tintin albums.


  1. My goodness, Jacob, you really do have an amazing talent for drawing. Very impressive.

  2. I LOVE YOUR WRITING JAYBOB!!!! It sure is good that the museum was well planed. Since you have all been calcified, mobility would be a bit of a challenge so smooth and level surfaces would be a god send for sure:-) Great art work Zach. I think Lichtenstien has competition....

  3. Jacob did the Drawing