Friday, 20 January 2012

The Three Musketeers

We are going to the lab every day to do our school work because we don't have any internet at our apartment. The offices are in one section of a primary school, so after all these years of homeschooling we're now attending school every day! We have a classroom in the main computer lab all to ourselves, but the good part is that there are four cute doggies at the lab. Their names are Danna, Molly, a pug named Pooka, all three of them are 2 years old. Later we learned that there is another dog named Vavu who is 5 years old. Out of all of them Pooka likes to play with the toys the most but sometimes a few/all of them are fighting over them at once. For some reason Danna and Molly are the most playful in the evening. Out of Molly and Danna, Molly seems to be the boss.

On The Left is a picture of Molly and on the right is a picture of Pooka, with all his toys (which consist of a ball and a rope toy).
Here is a picture of Danna with Jacob

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