Sunday, 19 June 2011

Our Uncle Darth Maul

The past 2+ weeks, our Uncle Ken (aka Uncle Crabby) has been out to Vancouver visiting with us. As is tradition, we did a big Lego project together. He brought with him a big Lego 1,800 piece Darth Maul kit. This is our third project together. We've done a full-size Yoda together in Calgary, a Jawa Sandcrawler in Niagara, and now here we are in Vancouver doing Darth Maul. This picture was taken at Stanley Park with Lion's Gate Bridge behind us. Too bad there won't be a Stanley Cup parade through Stanley Park!

On the left is the front of the instruction manual, which is about 76 pages long! It's of his head and shoulders, and is hollow inside. Daddy keeps saying we should make a jello mould with Darth Maul's skull and eat his jello brain! Our friend Ryan's book says the whole thing weighs about 8-9 pounds! The biggest Lego Star Wars set is actually the Millenium Falcon, with 5,195 pieces and a 311 page instruction manual!

Here's all of us in front of MaMa/YeYe's house before Uncle Ken left for the airport. He and MaMa also came out to watch us at the Circus School, and Daddy borrowed his Canucks jersey for the seventh game.

While Daddy was in Kelowna, Uncle Ken and us went sightseeing around Vancouver for a day. On the left is a picture of us in Stanley Park with the "Mermaid in a Wetsuit" statue on the rock behind us. The mermaid has been dressed up with a Canucks jersey. On the right we are in False Creek in downtown Vancouver. This was the site of the Expo 86, which Mommy came out to see and Daddy spent that summer in the army.

This is the dragon boat races in False Creek, where there was a large tournament. Dragon boat racing is like a big canoe only with a lot of people in the boat. It's called dragon boat racing because the original boats usually had a dragon on the front and a big drum to keep everyone rowing in the right rhythm. It was a huge tournament, with over 140 teams.

The morning of Game 6, we went down to Roger's Arena to catch the scene and excitement. The Canucks Store was doing great business, with jerseys and other memorabilia flying off the shelves. One cool thing was Canucks USB memory drives, with it looking like a hockey player and the head being the cap that you pull off.

We watched Game 7 at Burnaby Metrotown on the big outdoor screen. It was a fun and peaceful party there, unlike what happened in downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost.  We were very sad to see the riot happen downtown, and Daddy and Mommy are both furious at the idiots who did the damage and also the people who stood around and watched. However, it has been good to see how the people of Vancouver came together to clean up the mess, find the people responsible, and show that the city is a better place than what we saw last Wednesday night.


  1. Zachary and Jay-Bob, I had a GREAT time with both of you!!! Thanks for all the fun! I hope you will get the missing Lego piece from Lego Headquarters in Denmark before you take off for Europe so you can finish the project!

    Uncle K

  2. Hello! It sounds like the Lego initiative is really taking hold!! As for the Millennium Falcon, that will prove to be a bit of a challenge. You see, back when the Millennium Falcon was first in production Uncle Crabby was not at his best. It seems that his super amazing Level 15 Jedi maven best deal you will ever get skill was overridden by his lust for fountain pens. So on the day he could have gotten it in New York for $400 it was sadly forgone for a bumble bee yellow Monte Blanc pen. Despite the Jedi Queen telling him that there will not be a "sale" on the Millenium Falcon as it is limited edition, Uncle Crabby remained convinced he could get it cheaper on Ebay. Alas - the Millenium Falcon is now $1500!!! This means Uncle Crabby has to both admit his Jedi Queen was correct AND take on another job to pay for the Falcon. As a Jedi Master, he must be made aware that for young Padowins to progress to full Jedi status they must have completed the entire Lego collection of the Star War's series. So if you don't see Uncle Crabby much on Skype it is because he now works at Tim Horton's and scours the neighbourhood alleys at night for bottles and cans for the Lego initiative.

    Oh well, he still has lots of time since the Millenium Falcon is rated for age 16+. So it will be another 6 years til Zachary gets there and 8 years for Jay-Bob.

    The Jedi Queen