Monday, 3 October 2011

H + Eureka = Science!

Am I suposed to eat Zach or not?
Done with Zachary
While Daddy and Mommy were out walking around in the last post we were playing with our friend Felix and we also went to the Heureka Science center. At the Science center there were a lot of things to do there was game where you can stand beside your partner and move from side to side and catch thing or bounce things. Zachary here seems a bit puzzled - I wonder why!

This is a pretty cool game, there are six levels.

this is a nice Black Licorice ice cream (not so good to Zach though!)
Here is a picture of a big ball you can only roll it if it is wet.
Here I am on one of those bikes where you are biking on the wire and are balanced by a weight.
There was also a place where you could lift a car with pulleys, there were also basketball rats but we didn't get to see a game because we were to busy checking out the other things but they actually like it. There was also a hydrogen rocket that when you spin the wheel it gains pressure it counts down and blasts of. There was another thing that was like that but when you lifted this ball with the string attached to the pulley and let go of it it sent a tennis ball almost up to the roof like the rocket. There was a thing where it was like a big drum with loose plastic on one side and on the other was a hole and on the roof there was a banner  and when you hit the plastic hard enough then the air waves pushed the banner. There was actually a magic carpet. We came at the right time because there was a special  out door exhibit on dinosaurs!
Here is a picture of a air canon that Felix designed and made himself. We shot those helicopter maple seeds and Felix's sock he usually shoots carrot and potatoes.
How does a straight rod fly through a curved slot in glass?

Here is a video of me being like I was on the moon.


  1. Hi Jacob, that's pretty cool of the video that you walking at the moon, and also the pictures of you and Zack only had the heads without body.

  2. Actually how you made those pictures only have the heads.

  3. That is so awesome that you decapitated each other for a photo shoot!! HAHAHHAA The things kids will do when their parents aren't around:-) So did you ride the magic carpet? Thanks as well for explaining what "really" happened with the Apollo moon missions. Seems the Stanley Kubrick theory is indeed plausible. So what was the problem with the "wonderful black licorice ice cream" Zachary? Was it the salty one and not the sweet one? ha ha!!

  4. It was just deadly like all black lickorice

  5. This looks like a really cool science centre. I'll have to keep it in mind if I am ever in the neighbourhood.

    Jaybob, you and the Jedi Queen can have all of my black licorice. It is also deadly for me. I can't understand how someone could consider it a candy. The Jedi Queen actually surprised me by buying me a couple of bags of Haribo candies from a vending manchine at the Juno Beach Canadian visitors centre recently. However, it had lots of black licorice in it and the Jedi Queen ended up eating most of it. I had to carefully pick through the rest to find a few pieces that were not licorice.

    Zachary, how does it feel since you've separated your head from the rest of your body? I actually think that is a really irresponsible use of an air cannon. Felix's socks should be looked at as a noxious substance. And one shouldn't be sending that kind of substance into a low Earth orbit. Think of all the women and children!!!

  6. HAVE YOU NO CARE FOR THE WOMEN?!!??? Lol! Ucle Crabby and daddy will know what I am referring to:-) At least it was socks and not underwear.....