Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sauna Mania!

This is a picture of me before the sauna!
At the apartment every Saturday the saunas, and the observation deck are open (from 6:00 to 8:00). So on Saturday we usually make cookies, cinnamon rolls, or buy something at the market and share them with folks.

This is a picture of me and daddy after the sauna. 
Last Saturday I made cookies (they usually go quite fast!) and finished our maple syrup, and then went out to the sauna with daddy and Zach. Zachary was the first to go in so right when I was coming in he turned up the heat, I don't know why but the last four time I walk in someone is turning up the heat! As you can see from the picture, Daddy and I were tempted to pull out the fire hose after a bit too much sauna - everyone sure sleeps well Saturday night!

Live update: one person just fainted and collapsed in the sauna, and Daddy the world-famous thermophysiologist and we helped get the ambulance and the situation under control. Not all fun and games!


  1. I think you are all insane. I just watched a documentary on extreme sauna competitions. Now THAT is insane!!!! I hate being hot. I do not understand why anyone would actually want to be over heated and covered in sweat. And if I did want to get hot and sweaty I can think of better things to do than sit in a sauna:-) Like a beach in the tropics - hahahha.

  2. Seems sort of interesting that you first bake cookies and then you subject yourself to some baking in the sauna!

    No more maple syrup? I know it wasn't a big bottle. But tell me how you used it all up. Seems like in France the big thing was Nutella. Nutella on all sorts of crepes and desserts. Now THAT was yummy!!!