Saturday, 28 May 2011

Burnaby Mountain

This week, we took a late afternoon walk around Burnaby Mountain Park.
About 300 m above sea level, and with a great view down the mountain towards Vancouver.

I always think of Lord of the Rings and the "Dark Clouds of Mordor" when I see clouds like this.
Looking down to Burrard Inlet with Indian Arm estuary stretching north. I spent a long weekend up on a fish farm at the end of Indian Arm collecting samples for my B.Sc. honours thesis. Just me, a power generator, a leaky rowboat, huge tides, random massive thunderstorms, and lots of expensive scientific gear - my supervisor must have been crazy, didn't like me very much, or both!
The totems were a gift from Burnaby's sister city in Japan. They were from an artist from the Ainu, the aboriginal peoples of Japan.
Bird sculpture
Lots of old forests on the mountain.
Interesting moss and mushroom growth on an old tree stump.
Definitely a very old and large tree stump!

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