Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cousins and Canucks

On Saturday, we went to see our cousins the Norths, who happen to live in North Vancouver. They have six kids from 17 to 3 years old, and they are also homeschooled. Last summer when we visited them with Daddy, we went to Whytecliff Beach in West Vancouver and had a great time crab hunting. This time the weather wasn't as nice, so we mostly played Lego inside. They recently got a new trampoline - a big orange rectangular one. We tried it out but didn't do any crazy flips because it didn't have a net. We had snacks of apples, cheese, nuts, crackers, and donuts. The donuts are from a little "hole in the wall" shop that's right in between a Tim Horton's and Starbucks!

Rare Double Pez Sighting!
While we were at the Norths, Daddy went for a bike ride with his friend Richard Pestes from North Van, who is the main person behind the website PezCycling News that Daddy writes for. The crew writing for Pez live all around the world, and most have never actually met. Therefore, it's very rare to see more than one Pez jersey cycling together!

Today we are going to church with MaMa/YeYe's friends and neighbours Billy and Angela Tong. Their church is very big. The weather is a cloudy and threatening to rain today, but we hope to go downtown to watch the first game of the Canucks - Sharks series. It's the third round of the playoffs and Vancouver has only made it this far three times, and the city is having a big street party. There will be streets blocked off and the game will be shown on a big screen. When we are driving around town, we are seeing lots of Canucks flags on the cars.

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  1. Hi Zach! Are you typing all this yourself? Good to hear from you!