Wednesday, 11 May 2011


New Trip = New Blundstones!
Well, here we go! Today is liftoff day from Niagara to "Infinity and Beyond" (we watched Toy Story 3 last night). Last minute packing and deciding what we need to live off for 15 months is the order of today. If we do it right, one important life lesson from this trip will hopefully be just how little material stuff we actually need in our lives, and by extension how fortunate our lives are!

Debbie and I have restricted ourselves to pretty much one travel backpack each, the boys sharing a suitcase, and another suitcase for shared stuff. Two laptop computers, two cameras, a Kindle for reading, and lots of our favourite card (i.e. lightweight!) games. Plus a daypack backpack each, so it will still be quite the travelling roadshow. To celebrate the new adventure, Debbie and I are retiring our 8.5 year old Blundstone boots that have seen endless use and got ourselves a new pair. We'll see what they look like when we return!

The boys had a sleepover at Scott's last night, apparently more "over" than "sleep." Last report was that they were up at 5:30am this morning playing video games. They should be well asleep for our evening flight tonight.

First stop is Vancouver for the next month with Mom and Dad (MaMa and YeYe). Thanks to all our Niagara friends for making our past four years here so wonderful. And thanks to Glenn, Celidh the dog and Gollum the amphiuma for having us couch-surf for the past two weeks!


  1. Have a great sabbatical/family growth trip guys. It was wonderful hosting you for the past few weeks. It felt more like you were hosting me in my house, though, with all the wonderful oatmeal breakfasts!

    I'll be living vicariously through you!

    All the best

  2. Hoping that you all experience new and good things!! Stay healthy. We will miss you but look forward to following your blogs!!

    Only the best,
    Leigh-Anne and Cody

    The Marsh Family