Thursday, 5 May 2011

Night with the Wolves - Awhoooooo!

Tuesday night we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. It was about our fourth time there and, like every time we've gone, the weather was horrible. This time it was very rainy. Inside it was very rainy also because of the waterpark and all the water flying everywhere! We invited our friend Christopher, and we were in the waterpark for 5 hours until it closed at night. When we left to the waterpark, we went back to the room and had pizza and wings for supper while we watched the Vancouver Canucks - Nashville Predators hockey game on the big TV. Daddy stayed up late night through overtime and, luckily, the Canucks won. On Wednesday morning Daddy biked to Brock for meetings and managed to avoid having to go back on the big slides that always scares him. The rest of us went right back to the waterpark as soon as it opened and stayed for another 5 hours. One of the two biggest slides, Niagara Rapids Run, has conveyor belts that flings you along, which always makes Daddy queasy. The other big one, Wooly Mammoth, has lots of U-turns and twists. The raft is also round, so somebody is always facing backwards. We left just in time to go to gymnastics practice, and luckily we didn't fall asleep on the floor routine! Daddy and Glenn made chicken burgers for supper but couldn't figure out how to make a simple salad!

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