Monday, 2 May 2011

Let Them Eat Cake, and More Cake!

Well, we've just come back from not one but TWO farewell parties, so I guess we better get going soon or else we'll owe a lot of friends a lot of cake! One of the parties was with our homeschool friends at the Hoopers'. Unfortunately, our friend Scott Hooper spent the whole time sick up in his room and quarantined, so he didn't get to enjoy the party. Lots of our homeschool friends came: the Gemmells, Jacksons, Wells, Marshes, Smiths, Hobbs, Dayarams, Braams, and Joanna Pauls. Already at that party, there were two cakes - a gluten-free one for the Jacksons and a big chocolate cake in addition. We played ping-pong in the basement and also ran around outside in the rain playing tag.

Right after leaving the Hoopers, it was time for Round #2 of our farewell tour of Niagara! The other party was hosted by our friends at church after Sunday evening service. There was cake and ice cream, and there were so many people who came that we ran out of ice cream. There was also punch, and we got to see lots of our friends like the Rahms and the Prestons. It feels good knowing that we have so many friends that care about us enough to host these parties for us, and who will miss us while we're travelling. We'll be thinking of them too while we're travelling around Europe.

The other special thing about today was that it is Mommy's birthday. We gave her a big fold out card and she liked it a lot. Of course, who else but our special mommy gets so many cakes and parties for their birthday?


  1. We've always considered ourselves as Marshes. When a noun ending in sh is made plural, it takes an "es"...
    We're just having some fun with you! Go make some wonderful memories and thanks for keeping the blog updated Zachary!

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