Saturday, 7 May 2011

Enjoying Nature and Enjoying Food

Friday afternoon we went on a hike/nature walk with our friends David and Alexander George and Scott Hooper. We went in Fonthill at the north end of Station St. where there are big ravines, tall trees and hanging vines. There were lots of wild flowers out including white and purple trilliums. The white trillium is Ontario's Provincial flower. We all survived despite misadventures with mud puddles and swinging vines.

In the evening we went to the Mandarin restaurant with our good friends, the Rahms. We had about four different kind of shrimp and lots of crab legs. There were also lots of dessert and toppings for ice cream. Pictured are Sarah and Rachel. Marion, Richard
and Nathaniel were busy eating at the other end of the table, especially Nathaniel and crab legs. A good time was had by all, although Mom had to drive home because Dad's belly was close to exploding. Thank you Richard and Marion, we will miss you

While the boys had their adventure hike this afternoon, Lisa and I enjoyed a nature hike. The woods were full of White Trilliums, Yellow Adder's Tongues (pictured) and lovely red Trilliums (also pictured). The boys found frogs in the puddles. All the trees were starting to bud. A beautiful spring day. - Debbie

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