Monday, 16 May 2011

It's Raining Canucks!

So we all trekked down to Roger's Arena (nee GM Place - man I yearn for the old days when a stadium/arena had its unique name rather than just being up for sale to any corporation with the big bucks) for the first game of the Canucks-Sharks series this evening. Getting off the Skytrain at the Stadium/Chinatown station was fun, right in the midst of the pre-game lunacy. 

Goalies are getting younger all the time.
Facepainting is always in fashion. There were a number of exhibitors and a DJ party going on in the plaza outside Roger's Arena. We got pictures with the virtual Canucks at the Canadian Tire hockey school booth, but still couldn't get the boys to smile! 
Peter Puck at the CBC outdoor game viewing! Not too much crowd or atmosphere due to the rain. Hello - it's Vancouver, what's up with that?
The Famous "Green Men!" Force and Sully specialize in taunting the opposition in the penalty box with fun antics.
We are all Canucks! Even that startled looking guy on the right!
A little rain can't dampen Canuck Fever!

Could be worse - at least this wasn't a permanent tattoo!

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