Saturday, 14 May 2011

Squid Plate with Extra Tentacles Please!

Calimari a la Chinoise!
Here we are in Vancouver! After an uneventful flight, we landed in Vancouver very late at night and made it to MaMa/YeYe's with all luggage intact.
As is traditional, the next day after arrival is devoted to Chinese dim sum, which the boys love. They especially love the calimari, with both Zachary and Jacob waging chopsticks war to see who can eat more and faster. Jacob also got to satisfy his shrimp fetish, as at least six plates featured them; he and I shared a sesame bubble tea afterwards too for the full Chinese dining overload.

Being bookworms, the other traditional stop after dim sum was to the libary to load up on books. The Burnaby Public Library is certainly a big jump up in size and holdings from Fonthill, Welland, and St. Catharines!

A gymnastics police lineup!
After that, we went and visited the Vancouver Circus School to check it out and get the boys signed up for some fun. We saw it on the Rick Mercer Report and figured it'd be a perfect opportunity while we're out here to put their gymnastics skills to use. They'll likely sign up for both trampoline and aerial silks classes.

Chas, Jacob, Zach, Ben
We also hooked up with Kerrigan Gymnastics Academy in Coquitlam for the boys to keep training there during our stay. The club is small in size but seems great and well-organized. We got to talk to the owner, Rory Kerrigan, and he was extremely enthusiastic and helpful. It was one of those places where we felt right at home right away. The boys will certainly be challenged, as they'll be training with the high performance group of boys who are peaking for Nationals. They did two hours yesterday of hard conditioning, and Debbie and I were tired just from watching! Their new coach Leon seems great - really high-energy and does a good job of explaining the reasons behind different ways of doing a skill. This year will be a great experience as they're getting the chance to learn new skills and drills, and from different people with different ideas and perspectives.

The boys also ended the day with a quick dinner and visit from their cousins Chas and Ben Huskilson, sharing a few cupcakes. They ended up exhausted at night between that and the past few days, sleeping in way late despite the time change. However, they woke up all eager to go back for more gymnastics training today, so you've got to admire that spunk and energy! That's the drive and passion that I love to see, and both Debbie and I are so proud of them for that. Indeed, they each already set new personal bests for circles on the pommel today, Zach going from 35 to 51 and Jacob from 25 to 34! Awesome!

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