Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chinese Food!

Last weekend, we went out to a Chinese restaurant in Burnaby, "Yan's Gardens," for supper.

This Chinese character you will often find in Chinese restaurants and at celebrations. It is the character for happiness, or "double happiness" with the two symbols side by side. You will notice that the bottom parts of the symbol can look like the number "8," which is why 8 and 88 are considered very lucky numbers in Chinese culture. In contrast 4 is not considered a lucky number, because the Chinese word for "4" sounds very much like the Chinese word for "death."

We got to order our favourite Chinese specialty (except for maybe squid tentacles and MaMa's sticky rice). This is Peking Duck, which comes as several courses. The first is the skin of the whole roasted duck, which is thinly carved in front of you. You then make a wrap with the duck, green onions and veggies, and sauce in a rice wrap.

The next course is the duck meat mixed with onions and other veggies, which you put into a big iceberg lettuce leaf as a second type of wrap. Often, you can also ask to take the bones home to make soup with also.

Showing off what "double happiness" looks like with the duck wrap in hand!
Here's Jacob showing his chopstick skills. We're both better than Uncle Ken with chopsticks, but the ultimate test is if you can pick up glazed button mushrooms!


  1. Hey! I'm not there to defend myself and challenge your chopstick skills!!!

  2. You guys have no idea what "skills" I have! When I see you two next week, we are going to have the Grand Champions Chopsticks Contest. Better start practising!!! ;-)