Monday, 12 December 2011

Cool Alleys

The coolest things usually aren't found along the big, busy freeways or well-manicured main streets. That's true for scenery and also for life in general, not to mention science! Instead, fun, joy and adventure happen unexpectedly when you stop and ponder the interesting detours and alleys you can go down.

On the left is an alleyway near the castle of Guillaume le Conquerant (William the Conqueror) in Caen (you can see it up high in the background). I love the green moss on the completely wavy cobblestones. On the right is an alleyway in Envermeu next to the big cathedral and the monument to their war dead and the prisoners from the Dieppe raid. I loved the play of weak sun on the wet cobblestones, along with the jumble of buildings and angles in both pics.

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