Thursday, 1 December 2011

Will Lecture for Food!

As part of my sabbatical, I've been doing the EEL (Environmental Ergonomics Lab) Roadshow around the continent. In the past four weeks, I've given my general overview talk in Finland, twice in UK, and now here in Brussels, to the point where I'm sick of hearing myself talk! Just kidding - no way THAT'D ever happen! But before a big day of visiting and talks, it's important to fuel up with a proper English breakfast: sausages, beans, tomato, 2 eggs, toast, bacon, and a quality cappuccino for only 4 pounds!

Roehampton University is in the southwest side of London, right next to Richmond Park, Henry VIII's private hunting grounds (see video below). And look there on the right - a seemingly happy (or at least seemingly awake) customer of my textbook! That's Dr. Chris Tyler, who was the one who invited me to the UK to begin with. He started as a faculty in 2009 and walked into a lab and department where there was already a fully functioning climate chamber (lucky sod, it took me 11 years to build one of my own!), although everybody in the department is new enough that nobody really knows who built the chamber or why?

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