Sunday, 25 September 2011

Frisbee Golf!

We spent the weekend in Hameenlinna at Juha and Leena Peltonen's house, 100 km north of Helsinki, eating way too many chocolate chip cookies and playing with their son Pyry. I won a bet with Daddy over where we bought my running shoes and won an extra cookie! This part is done by Zachary! The holes were really cool! the first one was really straight then the the second one we throwing of a cliff but then if you went of to the side (there was a strong wind on all of them) there were trees all around. number four was only 40 meters but it was straight up a hill and the frisbee kept rolling down. the frisbees looked a lot different they didn't have the curve on the side of them in the picture above you can see the frisbees (and the basket with the cains to stop the frisbees). There were different frisbees for where you are like we each had a mid range frisbee and a putt and approach frisbee for the 9 holes but we saw a guy with a whole bag full of frisbees all for himself. He was super serious and stompedd of to the next hole because he "didn't do to well" with about 4 shots on the second hole.

Here I am with Pyry looking at the map at the start of the frisbee golf!

Here is a video of one of the courses it was hole 2 and I took 6 shots to get the frisbee into the basket. This one we had to throw the frisbee off a cliff to start.

In Canada the table hockey is Canada vs Russia, here it's Finland vs Sweden and just as fierce!
Here is the slack line that Juha set up beside the lake at their house we spent a lot of time on it with Pyry and at the end of the day it started to get a bit dangerous.
Here we are at a castle doing handstands in front of the drawbridge
Here on the left we are with the bears at the bottom of 321 stairs (not including the tower) at a park near Juha's house.
Here is a picture of mommy showing how huge this mushroom is.


  1. That is definitely one big mushroom! Did you take it home to eat? I hear fungus foraging is a big thing to do in Norway. Probably ranks right up there with chocolate chip cookie binging and table hockey:-) You seem to be doing a lot of activities that involve large numbers of stairs. You all must have huge calf muscles by now. Hopefully not all veiny like George Hincappi. Uncle Crabby is very depressed because he heard Mark Cavendish won the world championship. He could use some chocolate chip cookies to help ease his crabbiness:-)

  2. dont fall into the river !!!!
    nice bears by the way!

  3. There was no river Scott! even from all the rain there was no river