Thursday, 15 September 2011

Natural History Museum

No need for an introduction about what today's blog is about, since the intro video said it all! But here's the photo album!

Here were two of the guards outside the museum...
There were three floors so we didn't get to see it all but we saw the bottom floor, the top floor, and part of the second floor. On the top floor there were two exhibits on Dinosaurs and Finnish animals. On the first floor there was a small exhibit on African animals. The second floor was of more animal. There were even some things from Canada like beavers and there was a setup with salmon and Grizzly Bears who really need to trim their toe nails. We took the 3T tram close to the Museum and coming back we took the 18 bus to get back. In the part about Finnish animals, there were a few sections. There was a section on fish, birds, and land animals. All the animals were real animals but they were stuffed. There was a huge mosquito but it wasn't life sized.
The museum was good because there were displays everywhere, even ovethead
This is a fossil of a giant shell fish it is called a nautilus
This is a picture of two dinosaurs one of  them is called a gigantasourus how do you like that  for a name?
I was very tempted to cuddle with this seal but he  was behind glass so I didn't get to cuddle
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