Thursday, 15 September 2011

Natural History Museum

No need for an introduction about what today's blog is about, since the intro video said it all! But here's the photo album!

Here were two of the guards outside the museum...
There were three floors so we didn't get to see it all but we saw the bottom floor, the top floor, and part of the second floor. On the top floor there were two exhibits on Dinosaurs and Finnish animals. On the first floor there was a small exhibit on African animals. The second floor was of more animal. There were even some things from Canada like beavers and there was a setup with salmon and Grizzly Bears who really need to trim their toe nails. We took the 3T tram close to the Museum and coming back we took the 18 bus to get back. In the part about Finnish animals, there were a few sections. There was a section on fish, birds, and land animals. All the animals were real animals but they were stuffed. There was a huge mosquito but it wasn't life sized.
The museum was good because there were displays everywhere, even ovethead
This is a fossil of a giant shell fish it is called a nautilus
This is a picture of two dinosaurs one of  them is called a gigantasourus how do you like that  for a name?
I was very tempted to cuddle with this seal but he  was behind glass so I didn't get to cuddle
blog helped by Zachary!


  1. I LOVE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUMS!! My favourite is the one in London!! Uncle Crabby could not get over one Victorian gentleman's collection of hummingbirds. He must have had 500 different ones. But in an eerie way seeing all those pretty little birds hat pinned to felt boards made you think this dude was one step away from serial killer. Ok - enough of that! So did you give the bear a manicure? Here in Paris we saw some bears too who were very well manicured. You don't get to be a bear in Paris without nice toenails:-) I would have wanted to hug the seal too!!!! Makes me think of Barbara Manatee but with less scars from prop blades. Your security guards look much nicer than the ones at Charles De Gaulle airport. The French Foreign legion was everywhere in full combat kit. Every time I stopped to look around I got asked what I was doing. Maybe I've been "profiled" as a potential revolutionary due to my tree chaining days. Or maybe I just got it wrong and what they were really asking was "what are you doing LATER?" hahahaaa. So back to you - Do you know where in the world the Nautilus still exists? What species is a Nautilus? For the fossil, what time period was it from? oxoxoxoox

  2. The bears didn't get a manicure they were to busy eating salmon! That is real security though, so how many times did you stop to look around? We went to a science center with one of our friends from gym called Felix and his dad Kim we will post about that once we get some of Kim's pictures. Today we went to the Helsinki Zoo so we will also post about that there were a lot of different species and it was well set up it was even located on an island!

  3. I did not stop a lot to look around. Apparently more than 2 stops has you profiled as a potential bomber or heroin smuggler. I am not clear which one. Personally, I think there are some male insecurity issues going on when you have to walk around in army fatigues carrying a massive weapon locked and loaded. Seriously? So if someone actually is a bomber or terrorist, are you telling me that as a soldier you are going to open fire in a crowded airport using a machine gun? Wow. I feel so much safer now. I won't get blown to bits but I will most likely loose an eye (or more) as collateral damage. So were there bears on the zoo island? Felix is a great name btw!! That alone would have me wanting to be his friend:-) xoxoxo

  4. Yes there were 2 bears. That is one of the safest airports ever! (not really)