Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ted the Towel-Tugging Terror!

We have a friend here at the apartments, Kay Edwards, a historian from South Carolina here for a year along with her dog Ted. Ted sure looks like a happy and calm dog here, right? Well...

On saturday me, Zach, and Dad went to the sauna. And Dad turned up the heat three times. While we were in the sauna Mom baked some cookies (no, NOT in the sauna!) and Kay came over then Mom and Kay went to the viewing area.  After our sauna we went to the viewing area and played with Ted. At first he didn't look that bad but then he started going for my belly button. Then the next thing I know he is going for my towel then he grabbed the bottom and pulled it off and still kept wanting to nibble my belly button some more while not giving back my towel, leaving me all exposed to the world - talk about a "viewing area!" And the moral of this story is "do not play with dogs while just in a toga" - got that all you Romans and Scots?


  1. Exposure to the world isn't a bad thing - unless you have something to hide:-) The more of the real you they see, the more people tend to like you (dogs too!) At least Ted was only interested in ripping the towel off - hahaha! Good thing he wasn't an angry rottweiler with some Micheal Vicks PTSD to work out.

  2. I was hoping for a video to accompany this story. ;-)

    At least your belly button is clean now. Jacob, if I recall, I think you actually like running around with no clothes on!

  3. I didn't know Jaybob was a nudist:-) I thought he was just the King of Cucumber melt downs.

  4. YIKES! I sure wouldn't want that to happen to me!