Saturday, 17 September 2011

Zach Busts a New Move

Zachary's cool new move on the parallel bars...


  1. Jacob, you did a good job for the video.
    Love, Mama.

  2. Good bar moves! I especially like the dismount into the pit of foam. Its like being swallowed by giant marshmallows. You are quite the cinematographer Jaybob. What kind of moves do you do at the gym? We are just taking a break at the apartment before we head off to the Pompadeau for the evening. I have put in an order with my friend from Amsterdam who will be meeting us Thursday. She is bringing me lots of salt liquorice!!!! But I am not sharing. Even if you have a melt down Jaybob. HAHAHAHHA . We saw a lot of old cathedrals yesterday that were very beautiful inside. In one of them, Uncle Crabby thought he saw the Shroud of Turin and was getting all excited. But it was just a giant photocopy. We are going to St Chapelle where the original crown of thorns is suppose to be. Minus most of its thorns because Louis IX sold most of them off for favours. Kind of like how the US is selling off most of its assets to China.....

  3. Zachary: that looks hard to do!

    Nice job!

    From: Scott