Thursday, 8 September 2011

PiiP ja TuuT!

On Wednesday we went to Tallinn, Estonia by ferry for the day we went to find the Canadian embassy and we actually ran into a clown house called PiiP ja TuuT. Piip means a female clown and Tuut means a male clown (in Estonian). Piip said that the Canadian ambasador is proud to have the only embassy that is beside a clown house (supposedly) and when his friends visit him he shows all of them the clown house. We were thinking of banging on the embassy door and asking for some maple syrup! We stopped by the clown house and mom and dad had some coffee while me and Jacob had tomato and cheese soup on the stage. that night (when we were not there) they had a play about Piip and Tuut go to Mars there is also a little play place upstairs with a bunch of tunnels. In the future they want to make a tunnel going all across the stage and back again and make little windows so people can watch the play from above. here is their website!

Here we are at the Canadian embassy that is beside the clown house. No maple syrup dispenser at the front!
Daddy's Note. We're not kidding that the clown theatre is right next to the Canadian embassy. It turned into the most unexpected and pleasant surprise of our trip to Tallinn. We were wandering around the embassy and aiming for the viewpoint next to the Toompea city walls when Haide (Piip) saw us as she was clearing the patio tables and invited the boys to come in and look around. Haide and her partner Toomas (Tuut) have been performing and touring together since 1999, and just set this cafe/theatre up last October. On the walls are vintage portraits of clowns from the 1920s and 1930s, and there was a kid's play area up on a loft with a sliding wall down to the main floor. The coffee and soup were excellent too, and it's so much fun when you find a surprise like this and also see somebody living their dream to the fullest like they obviously are.

Here we are acting on the stage with mom and Piip.


  1. Clowns next to the Canadian Embassy? There are so many places one could go with that! So what did you learn about the art of clowning? Did you learn how to cram 20 people into a Volkswagen bug? I seem to recall a Jimmy Stewart movie where he played a circus clown. He was a clown because he was running from the law for murdering his wife. By wearing the clown make up all the time no one could actually identify him. Then there was Stephen Kings "It". But these sounds like nice clowns who are not so nefarious and also have advanced engineering skills which enable them to build tunnels with windows:-) BTW, Uncle Crabby and I are going to see Pagliacci in November. You daddy probably remembers him as Elaine's stalker boy friend in Seinfeld. Ironically, that is not far from the truth as far as the real character of Pagliacci is concerned.

  2. In the whole hierarchy of foreign postings for Canadian ambassadors, Estonia probably isn't up in the realm of US, UK, China, etc. But it's quite the nice location, with numerous embassies all around the old town (we passed by Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Finland all 5 min stroll away in the old town)! And my lab is sometimes like a clown house anyway, with me as the chief clown, so I can empathize with the ambassador!

  3. AHAHHAHAHA! Do you make people wear the nose during experiments?