Thursday, 22 September 2011

To the Zoo with You!

Sept 20 we went to the Helsinki Zoo, located on an island just across the water from Helsinki (Like "The Island of Dr. Moreau!" - Daddy). From the Island you can see the cathedral. There were about 150 different species on the left is a picture of different types of eagles and their wingspans compared to us. Some of the animals were Bison, brown bears, leopards, (and other predators) bactrian camels, otters, mink, lots of owls, axiotol, caiman, huge spiders,scorpion, amazon animals, and lots more.
On the left is a picture of a Sengi when he runs his little nose wobbles in ever direction. On the right is a picture of the Dwarf Mongoose near feeding time.

 Here is a hunt by a "Palla's Cat." Who is just about to strike but what it is attacking is almost at the surface but not quite it must not have good claws for digging or else it would just jump right in. It completely focused on the hunt and was still except for its tail twitching in excitement.
Here is a picture of a lizard and his friend having a sun bath right before their feeding time the lizard was a lot faster to get to the food (as you can expect!). However, the tortoise just fell on top of the lizard and started gobbling up everything in sight. Some friend!
Here when we were on the stairs to the left of the picture we saw this guy walking like he is now but we had an optical illusion and thought that he  was on the side walk not in the cage and we almost had a heart attack. Daddy didn't need to go to the bathroom anymore after that!
Here is a picture of a reindeer losing its antlers . There were also Visents, which looked like big bison and were likely the subject of the oldest known prehistoric cave art.
Here is a snowy owl, it is amazing how they can turn their heads almost totally around! He was actually chewing on a rat or something when we got there.