Monday, 6 February 2012

Boarding in Bansko!

Last weekend we went snowboarding at Bansko ski resort in Bulgaria for three days. We went with Andreas and two of his friends, whose names are Takis and Vassilis. Takis and Mom rented skis, but me, Jacob, dad, Andreas and Vassilis all rented snowboards. The peak of the mountain about 2700m high we went all the way from there down to about 900m where the town of Bansko is. On the way to Bansko the GPS took us right over a mountain and we had to put the chains on the wheels, but when we came home with Andreas we went on the highway that doesn't go over the mountain. The good part of the GPS taking us over the mountain is that we saw some wild horses and some huge nests at the top of hydro posts in the middle of a town. Thanks to our Aunt Donna we got some hats with some money she sent us; they were really crazy hats. Some of the hats had just had big, thick locks of hair and another kind like it had curly locks. I got one that had 2 horns and some fuzzy hair on the top. There was another kind like it but it only had a thin strip with a furry tail at the back.