Friday, 3 February 2012

Snow Day in Trikala!

The hazards of living an online existence with homeschooling, and of actually going to a physical brick-and-mortar school, is what happens when you're socked in by 50 cm of snowfall overnight in Greece! Our first snow day in 7 years of homeschooling! As coincidences go, the famous "Dr. Freeze" gave a talk to the Sport Science Dept. here Wednesday 1700h, and that's about when the snow started and has been going ever since (so guess who gets blamed for it?). Up top you can see a video of just how much snow came down overnight. Needless to say, Greece isn't exactly ready for such snow, and Petros says that it's the most snow he remembers since 1987.
The left is a view of our backyard, and the right is a view of the street outside. There was no way we could get the little Fiat Punto out of our small street!
Crazy Petros was such a keen student that he walked the 4.5 km through the snow to the lab anyway! We hunkered down at home, had snowball fights, wrote postcards, did knitting, lots of reading, etc. After I prepared my lecture for Rome next week, I spent the rest of the day reading "Band of Brothers" by Stephen Ambrose. Great read!

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  1. Do the people in Greece talk much about their monetary problems with the Euro-zone etc.