Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dinner - Greek Style

On Sunday we went out for dinner with Andreas Carillo. We were going to go with both Andreas Carillo and Andreas Flouris but Flouris had to mark some exam papers, which had Daddy laughing. We went to one of the taverns downtown. We got there at about 7:30 but we were still the first ones there. First we had some souvlaki, roasted cheese (Choulami from Cyprus), frites, tzatziki, and calamari. After that they came and brought some loukamathis. we finished about 9:30 and there were still only a few people there.
LoukaMania (a shop name we saw in Ioanina)! Jacob and I are attacking the Loukamathes! 
Here's a video of me doing a back-flip snow angel


  1. Maybe the Greeks can't afford restaurant fare.

    Is that Daddy to your right, Zachary? He looks real handsome.

  2. um .. that was a front flip but it was still pretty cool , nice hat by the way

  3. I am so going back to Greece. I need to know the name of the tavern where they serve handsome men along with the souvlaki. Here we just get fries or salad as the side dish... TOTALLY BODACIOUS FLIP ZACH! The Devil Horns with a Mohawk hat made it epic for sure. So, did you ever get the sodas? LOL!!! PS. Tell Dad to go easy on the cheese and fried foods. There is a history of high cholestorol in the family. If he keeps this up, he will have an MI on the slopes and end up getting mouth to mouth and chest compressions by swarthy Greek men. Hmmm.. that actually doesn't sound all the bad when I think about it....