Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Little Limoncella Story...

Overall, it was a short but fabulous time in the Eternal City. Had a great talk, met and got to know interesting new colleagues, ate lots of Italian pasta, pizza, and tiramisu. And thanks to Christina and Inge, I had a great short and very wet tour of the Vatican and the Colosseum. Grazie Cri & Inge!
Cri in the Roman "Snow"
All the euros drink espresso, but I wimped out and just went with cappuccinos instead. Apparently, drinking cappuccinos after 1000h irreparably brands you as a gauche non-Italian (unless you're on a diet apparently, but the contradiction between having extra milk calories in a diet drink doesnt seem to register). Oh well...
For a speaker gift, Laura Capranica gave us a small glass jug of limoncella (an after dinner drink that's made from lemon rinds steeped into pure alcohol. Yeah that's got a kick!) that she made herself from lemons along the Amalfi coast. She also gave us a small ceramic tile and tumbler from the region. Grazie mille Laura!
Pasta, Pizza, and Vino, the holy trinity of Italian cuisine...
Unfortunately, as I only had hand luggage, there was no way that the limoncella was going to "fly" so to speak. Was humming and hawing about whether to even try to pass it through security, but the huge lineup convinced me not to take chances. However, desperate as I was to sample some of the lovely liqueur, I chugged a bit straight from the jug in the airport bathroom before pouring it all out. In retrospect, given my famous alcohol tolerance, drinking some hard liqueur in the airport bathroom stall (hopefully not video-taped), pouring the yellow liquid into the toilet, and then weaving through the security line with alcohol steaming out of me likely wasn't one of the greatest decisions I've made in my life!
Giving my lecture on heat stress and exercise in the tiny hotel dining room due to the university being closed due to threat of snow. I guess it's appropriate, as my research is all about adapting to environmental extremes!

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