Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Greek Cabin Fever

Jacob & Molly
A bit of cabin fever setting in here in Trikala, as we're in the grips of a miserable week or more of weather ever since our return from Bansko. First two days of bitter cold, then the snow dumping, and incessant cold rain the past four or more days. It's not so much just the cold and damp air/wind, but that the department doesn't heat the offices (or cafeteria). So we're just blasting the electric heaters to stay warm and are wearing all our different layers of clothes throughout the day.
I'm supposed to be escaping for Thursday - Saturday to Rome (Euro country #12) to give a lecture to the EU-sponsored Intensive Program in Sports Performance - a Lifetime Challenge consortium of 7 EU countries/unis, including VU Brussels), but it's looking like rain and snow there too. That is, of course, if I even manage to catch my flight, as there's more snow supposedly hitting Trikala!

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