Thursday, 23 February 2012

Greek Doughnuts

The Greek version of the doughnut is called Loukoumades (Pronounced - Loukouma-thees). We have had these several times as they often come complimentary at the end of a Greek meal. We found several recipes for them but since we were rather limited on baking implements, we decided to make a first try making them from a mix. Fairly easy but a little messy - you just mix the flour mix, with the yeast packet, add lukewarm water and allow to rise.

Then comes the technical part - you need to squeeze the dough out of your fist onto a spoon and then drop into hot oil and cook until golden on both sides. Some of the recipes call for a thick syrup with a lot of sugar and honey, but we just drizzled ours with a little bit of honey, a shake of cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. Jacob proclaimed them as good as the ones we had at the restaurant.  Next time I think I will try the recipe at this link:
Bon appetit or "kali orexi" as the Greeks would say.


  1. The Greek tim bits look amazing!!! Kudos to you for braving the hot oil as well. Deep frying always scares me - I am always afraid I will get burned not to mention my thighs.... Your description of these treats reminds me of the beignets we had in New Orleans. Very similar and loaded with so much icing sugar that you walked out of the cafe looking like you just spent the night with Charlie Sheen. Being jacked up on the Cafe de Monde coffee probably just added to the spectacle. So how many can you eat Jaybob? Are these light the chinese hot dog buns where you fight to the death anyone who dares touch your favored delicacy?

  2. Debbie, I keep looking at that lower-left pic of you. You become more beautiful than ever.