Saturday, 4 February 2012

Yummy Bulgarian Food!

Our last night in Bansko, we joined the Greek contingent at their "home" restaurant, a nice authentic Bulgarian restaurant a bit beyond the main resort places. Considering that this was their 4th straight night at the restaurant, I was expecting to staff to treat Andreas like "Norm" from Cheers! The food was awesome, and they are even cooking our spare ribs there in the grill in the middle of the dining room. My former student Dessi from Bulgaria can make comments and tell you what the actual dishes are called, but I'll just describe them and call them yummy!
 We started with flatbread that were grilled and based like garlic bread, only milder. They were excellent, and followed up with feta-stuffed mushrooms.
 Next up was our introduction to Bulgarian style french fries. No mayonnaise here like in Belgium frits, but instead there's grated cheese sprinkled on top and you dip them in a type of flavoured salt. So good we got another dish!
 Our main course were "Such" on the left, a big griddle of vegetables and pork. You can see the steam coming off. Then there's the spare ribs on the right. Yes, both tasted as good as they looked! Vassilys's dad is a vet inspector for the food agency in Greece, and he likes his meat!
The happy customers. Myself with Andreas, Jacob, Zachary, Vassilys, a sleepy-looking Takis, and Debbie. All the food plus drinks cost only 105 BGN, or about 80 for the seven of us all in!


  1. Too bad that restaurant went light on the feta!! Normally they top the fries with a mountain of feta!! Looks amazing!! And how can anyone complain when in Canada, $80 would feed 2 people - not 7!! :)
    - Dessi

    1. you sure about that? sounds rather rich dining to this canuck