Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Don't Worry Worrying Beads

On our adventure to Ioannia, when we were almost done for the day we stopped to get some Pita Gyros. Then we bought some Worry Beads, (in greek Komboloi) my beads protect me from the evil eye, and Zachs are a football club (AEK).
Worry Beads are sometimes used to try to stop smoking and to keep their hands busy.
But the bad thing is we don't quite know how to use them, but we might see if one of the people from the church could teach us.
So here is Nick giving us both Greek language and worry bead lessons!

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  1. ha ha! The video reminds me of a toy we has as kids called the "clacker". You could bring it church ONCE and then you (minus your clacker) spent the day in the "quiet reflection" room:-) So I get why Jaybob would want protection from the evil eye but why, Zach, do you need protection from football? I have similar beads as Jaybob from my trip to Greece. I wear them as funky hippy jewelry. Try it Jaybob - they will go good with the porcupine hat. Or feel free to use them to help you with that nasty smoking habit you've picked up - LOL!!!! Maybe if you buy a set and tie them to dad's bike he might get over his cycling addiction:-)