Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Big Bus Pull!

On one of our days in London we saw a band, police bikes and mounted police starting to congregate. We investigated a little and found out that there was going to be a BIG BUS PULL to raise money for the Veteran's Association. There were about 16 - 20 soldiers and police who pulled a big double decker bus full of people for 1 mile lead by the band and mounted police. It looked like very hard work!

Try dragging this massive flickr album around!


  1. You know, it doesn't look like they are pulling the bus all that hard. I didn't see any straining muscley thighs bulging or biceps bursting from the exertion. I was hopping for a team of Magnus Magnusson look a likes dragging a bus. I think the flicker album was much harder to drag around on my own than they bus was with all those burly men:-)

  2. Ya, something isn't right. In the video, the rope attached to the bus looked pretty slack. Are you sure this wasn't all a trick?

  3. The reason the first part of the pull looked so easy was that they were utilizing the "VW Bus" startup trick from "Little Miss Sunshine" where they started slightly downhill and hoped to get up to 3rd gear from there! It was quite amazing that they actually had police close off Whitehall Street right in the middle of city centre - I can only imagine what it was like in 2007 for the Tour de France prologue to close the whole city centre down!