Saturday, 5 November 2011

This Is What 300 km/h Looks Like!

Took the Eurostar from Brussels to London this Thursday Nov 3, and this is what it looks like out the window at 300 km/h! Only 2h total from start to finish! We're here for me to visit colleagues at Roehampton U and Brunel U, and of course for us to experience a bit of London.
 Debbie and the boys on the Eurostar on the left, Debbie pondering the elaborate wonders of the London Underground map on the right.
St. Pancras International train station is all decked out for the big show in July 2012.
 The boys getting their poppies at the station.

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  1. 1997 when MaMa & YeYe travel in Europe. we took the Eurostar from London to Belgium it was very fast and fun.