Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Latest Art Exhibit

I've been drawing Smurfs lately. Because when I was bored I Just Looked up "How to Draw a Smurf" or something like that.

I've also done Yoshi and and a Gooma, from Mario! I've done a few Blue Toads as well, but they couldn't join the party.


  1. Those are super!! The last one looks like either you dad or one of the "Angry Birds" from the iPad game:-) So how are the "frites of strength" going on the busking corner? I was SOOOOO excited last night - I was on ebay and I found the milleunium falcon for $140!!!! I woke Uncle Crabby I was so excited since at that price he would not have to keep his second job at Java the Hut. But then Uncle Crabby rained on my parade and told me that the lego version I had found was the "warm up" falon - it only had 3000 pieces. If it was the ACTUAL delux millenium falcon it would have 20,000 pieces. SO you better get the Jedi Frites of Strengh Show featuring Waffles the Belgian juggling chicken act up and running becuase we need the millenium falcon funds or else you may have to settle for the humungous Death Star lego kit. PS - I GOT MY LICORICE PRIZE!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. Oh, Jacob, you have a real talent.

  3. Well, boys....Uncle Crabby HAS been working long and hard to supplement the bottle collection change in order to fund the Mega Millennium Falcon. 2 days ago, he worked from 7:30AM til midnight and then yesterday, he worked from 6PM, til 5 in the morning! If he had some frites, maybe he could have kept on going for even longer!!! In addition, he is also cleaning out his cupboards and selling off old camera equipment on eBay. Auctions will end tomorrow. We'll see how much the auctions will fetch.

    Cool drawings, Jaybob. I never knew you were into drawing. I guess this is "Jacobean" art. Keep it up! I'm waiting to see what will inspire you next!

    The "Crab".

  4. Yes, the one on the right does look disturbingly like me when I get my angry eyebrows out because of a student! All 3 of us boys have been working on our juggling skills, but we're not good enough to get let loose near the knives yet. I found a place for a haircut and managed my French enough not to get scalped figuratively or literally! Man it was fast and cheap - 7 EUR or pretty much 2EUR/minute!

  5. I can cut your hair for 5 Eur and a box of double salt licorice. For 7 EUR I will throw in a Chicken juggling lesson.