Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Farewell Finland!

Kiitos to all our Finnish friends for a wonderful time! It's November 1 and it's onwards to Belgium for the next stop in the ChEUng sabbatical adventures!
Address in Belgium:
Boulevard General Jacques 34 3, Ixelles, Bruxelles, 1050 Belgium


  1. For those wondering about this picture, it was taken by a photographer for the U Helsinki magazine on the observation deck of our apartment building. They shot it for a profile article on my visit to the university, and also about the university apartment itself. They interviewed the boys too, and Zach and Jacob had plenty of handstand practice during this photoshoot! For Finnish readers, check out the article and tell us what we said!

  2. Belgium arrival update. Our luggage decided to take an extended tour of Scandinavia, so we landed in Brussels with just our carry-ons. From the "glass is half full" department, that meant we had the treat of leisurely making our way on transit (really simple - city bus and then tram) to the apartment without having to lug heavy bags all over - bonus! They found the luggage on a later flight and somebody else did the heavy lifting right to our apartment.
    First observation - we're going to have a great chance to have a French immersion experience, because there's MUCH less English spoken here than in Finland!

  3. Glad to see you guys made it, and I love the photo! If I remember Belgium correctly, there's very little English around and what's there is generally not as fluent as that found in Finland.

    Miss you guys here! Hope the trip goes well!