Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Lego Cheung Boys

Yesterday we went down town and went to a few museums,  and Buckingham Palace. Then we found a Lego store in a huge mall. it wash't actually that big but it did have some interesting things, like a Lego man ice cube mould that can also be used as a Jello mould! I also liked this TV and with some star wars Lego boxes you can hold them up to the scanner and it will show you what it looks like in 3D and it even shows the gadgets that are  in the set in action. and we also made our own mini figures!

Where's that paper? Lego Daddy is working on his Lego laptop under extreme pressure from Lego Guard Jacob (left) and Lego Guard Zachary (right).

There were also star wars watches for kids and adult Lego watches for the adults there were clone troopers and Darth Vader, on the Darth watch it said "you don't know the power of the dark side". We  would have gotten one for dad but they were 25 pounds. they also have Star Wars alarm clocks and there is one from the dark side and one from the good side, from the good side there is Yoda and on the dark side is his fearsome enemy Darth Vader. there was also a place where you could buy pieces but they were more regular pieces.


  1. Looks like fun guys! I hope that you enjoy your last (grey!) day in London- it was great to meet you all!

  2. Did the Lego Store have the Millenium Falcon?!?!

    How about the ones we have built so far? Yoda, Sandcrawler and Darth Maul?

  3. So I wonder if the Yoda alarm clock wakes you with Yoda saying "Awake you must". Sadly, if Uncle Crabby still has dreams of freedom 55 the Millenium Falcon may have to remain a pipe dream. Uncle Crabby's bottle collection is not going as well as planned and he is not making much money as a table dancer at the local "Java the Hut" coffee bar. Perhaps if he wore a more revealing Oola costume....

  4. The Millenium falcon but it was the small one and I dot think we are going to get the Millenium Falcon if Uncle Krabby keeps dreaming about fountain pens!

  5. Sorry there were some mistakes in the last comment the small Millenium falcon was there. And I don't think that we will get the Millenium falcon very fast if Uncle Krabby keeps dreaming about fountain pens!