Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles!

On Saturday we went to the theatre to watch the Tintin movie "The Secret of the Unicorn". It was about the boy Tintin and the dog called Snowy who have an adventure and meet captain Haddock and find the treasure after getting all three of the clues. Daddy read all the comic novels when he was younger. It was really funny, Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles in one of the captains sayings along with Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons.

There are 24 books but only one of them is a movie. The movie is really good with real actors but after it was filmed they added the little bit of cartoon. It's called "Motion Capture" where they built the cartoon on top of what the real actors did. Tintin is famous in Belgium because the author, Herge, was from Belgium. Tintin books were written beginning in 1929.

Great snakes! It's a giant mural of Tintin, Captain Haddock, and Snowy in central Brussels! There's actually a whole lot of comic book murals throughout the city.
On the left is Jacob in the Tintin shop and on the right is a picture with Tintin in the light blue shirt. The Tintin shop is in Grand Place in downtown Brussels, and had all sorts of neat Tintin stuff. Yes, Uncle Crabby, there are even cool Tintin watches!
A gaggle of Snowys on the left, and Jaybob's drawing of Tintin and Snowy on the right.


  1. I WANT A SNOWY!! lol! When I was little I had a friend who had a stuffed bear called Snowy. The bear had an abnormally large head for it body so we called him "Snowy the bear with Encephalitis" So was Tin Tin in 3D? Does it make you want to read the comics now? I am not a Tin Tin fan:-( I prefer more graphic novel type comics such as Mause, Watchmen, Sandman, Kill Shakespeare and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Despite there scary titles, they are very good!! Very literary and philosophical. If you like Shakespeare you would really like the Kill Shakespeare series. I would also recommend "Mause". It is actually used in high schools as an English Lit reading for grades 11 and 12!!

  2. Just updated the blog post with Jaybob's drawing of Tintin and Snowy - check it out! And yes, Tintin was in 3D and the motion capture animation was phenomenal.

  3. Hi Jaybob! Great picture!! So what are Tin Tin and Snowy doing? Are they going somewhere or coming back from somewhere? Is Tin Tin happy, sad, mad? (just asking since I don't see a mouth - haha!) Is it day or night in the picture? If this were a comic page, what would Tin Tin be saying right now? What would Snowy be thinking?

  4. I really like the Tintin show it was very funny. But I am not sure what my favorite part was.

  5. What made you laugh? Was the movie always funny or were there scarey or sad moments as well? If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have 3 movies, would Tin Tin be one of them?

  6. Cool Tintin stuff!!! I also think the Snowys are really adorable. I would be interested in seeing the movie when it comes out. Although we will have to wait until we return from our Vietnam trip before seeing it since it is being released in North America around Christmas time when we are gone. I also read some Tintin comics when I was growing up. However, I don't remember much about them (but that's not unusual since my power of memory is nothing like that of the Jedi Queen's!).

    So when you watched the movie, was it in French or English? And did you have to keep up by reading the subtitles?

    Cool drawing, Jacob. BTW, did anyone take a picture of the Tintin watches?