Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Euro-star adventure

On November 3, we went to London on the Euro-star train. Daddy posted the Video of 300 km/h about. We went to London for Daddy to do some work with his friends (but he only worked 2 out of 5 days). It took about 2 hours to get from Brussels to London. When we got to the Euro-star train stop in London we caught the Tube and took the northern line to South Wimbledon and then we took a doubledecker bus to Kingston where our hotel was located. It was a very long ride to Kingston. The funny part was that when we got to Kingston we went to the wrong Travelodge because there were 2 Travelodges in Kingston. You can see how complex the tube map is but we never actually got on the wrong tube and we got pretty much everywhere we wanted to go (if not for very long at each place). Every day we got our daily exercise walking around the Tube stations! On the tube I met a really nice lady who was from Australia and I talked with her for a little while (Daddy's note: more like for the entire tube journey!).