Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jacob's late, but still fun birthday party

On Thursday July 12 we met Astrid, Jaaco and Dorien and Me, Zach, Jaaco and Dorien went on the Canopy trail. which is a network of pillars and a tower with ropes bridges and obstacles between them. there were 2 trails on 8 m above the ground and 1 trail 11m.

some of the obstacles were very hard and some were not really hard just a bit challenging and some were just easy. At least the whole thing you were attached to a cable. At the end me and Zach went on the zip-line together and Jaaco and Dorien went by themselves.
Then we biked home and Astrid Jaaco and Dorien did an errand and then drove to our house while we were waiting Zach biked over to "Intertoys" and got me something when Astrid Jaaco and Dorien arrived we watched the finish of the tour de france stage, and then we watched "Monsters vs Aliens"while having pizza then Eric came so we had Cake and opened the presents.
They got me a puzzle but it was with only a picture of an old airport and you would make the puzzle guessing how it would be looking modern. Zach got me an Angry birds splatty thing but it doesn't work to well. Eric, Astrid, Dorien, and Jacco are off to Iceland for 3 weeks holidays, so tots liens and bedankt for the great times!

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