Friday, 13 July 2012


It's only taken >280 postings on this blog, but maybe it's time I actually talk a bit about the science that this whole sabbatical trip is supposed to be about? Better late than never?
My colleague Hein Daanen is involved in a large project looking at new technologies for keeping workers cool during exercise in hot environments. Specifically, this PROSPIE project is looking at using absorbent salts to absorb sweat and heat.

Oh yes, it's Hein's birthday today (July 13). Happy Birthday Hein!

So our project is pretty simple and straightforward, in comparing garments with and without the absorbent salts. We're doing it in the TNO environmental chamber, which is bigger than mine and can go hotter, up to 60oC (mine to 50oC) and also maintain laminar airflow. The study itself is quite straightforward and, best of all, we managed to complete all the trials with 9 subjects (2 tests each) in 4 days! Now that's my kind of experiment, in comparison to all the huge hours our studies usually take! We've already analyzed all the data and started drafting the manuscript, so we should have it submitted by the end of my stay. Great!

By the way, my Ph.D. student Geoff Hartley got his second paper from his M.Sc. accepted this past week - way to go Geoff!

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