Monday, 16 July 2012

Mandred the Unmagnificent

Once there was a planet named after it’s leader Mandred and he liked fighting and so every day he tried to conquer another planet, until he owned the whole galaxy. And then one day he was wandering around in his spaceship when he saw the end of the galaxy so he said to himself “what if there was more beyond the end of this galaxy?” so he went over and then found himself in a new galaxy and the one planet he liked the most was blue and green. So the next day he sent 1000 platoons of 100 aliens to take over the planet called earth.
Now I will tell you off a few things that happened when they landed in earth, first a few of his spaceships landed on a train track and a train came and destroyed them, next some landed in the ocean and the water got in but they were aliens and they didn’t know about water but when they landed they were swallowed up and never seen again, then there were the ones who landed in streets and were safe but then the sun rose and they turned in to statues of gummy bears. When everyone was awake they looked out of their windows and saw all those piles of gummy bears and all the children ran out of the houses and ate them all up.
When he heard that Mandred was furious, and he sent out a bigger army and told the space pilots to not to land in the blue stuff (water) and when any light came to get into the spaceships immediately, and not to land on  the lines going over the green stuff (land). And when the aliens completed the task of landing without being destroyed, they all landed together in a war zone and the night patrol saw them and opened fire and the aliens returned fire but their bullets did totally nothing to the soldiers. The aliens had blood and if they lost one drop they would disintegrate into a pile of gummy bears and none of the human soldiers were killed.
Only one of the pilots survived and flew back to Mandred and reported the bad news, and Mandred said "If I can't have it, nobody will," so the next day he made a lot of meteorites and sent them showering on earth until everyone was crushed and earth was destroyed. and then he conquered the rest of the milky way except for the sun which was too hot for his aliens to live on.

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